How To Cope With a Spinal Injury After a Car Accident

What To Do After a Car Accident In Arizona If You Have a Spine Injury

Injuries to the spine are common after car accidents. This complex and critical part of the body is especially vulnerable to injury from the sudden force of car accidents as it absorbs impact and can even become twisted the wrong way during a collision.
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Spine Injury

The Importance Of Finding a Mesa Car Accident Doctor Who Understands Spinal Injuries

One of the most important ways to care for yourself after a collision is to find a car accident doctor who understands spinal injuries and other common car accident injuries. Seeing a care provider who is familiar with these kinds of injuries, can provide the right diagnosis, and knows how to effectively treat injuries from car accidents puts you in the best position for healing. Unfortunately, many spinal injuries won’t heal on their own. You may be left dealing with chronic pain, limited range of motion, and a physical inability to move properly. This means it’s extra important for victims of car accidents to find the best possible medical advice to promote a good outcome.

Treatment Options For Spinal Cord Injuries After a Car Accident

There are many treatment approaches for spinal cord injuries after a car accident. Most people want to begin with more conservative treatments to avoid surgery, which is expensive and tends to require a long recovery time. This can range from rest to chiropractic care to some medications. If non-invasive methods do not work, you may need surgery to recover.

Chiropractic Care For Spinal Injury Is An Effective Treatment?

Many people begin their spinal injury healing by visiting a chiropractor for adjustments. This gentle, non-invasive treatment can be extremely effective and complements other modes of healing as a trained medical professional carefully re-aligns your vertebrae to relieve pressure on nerves, reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve your body’s ability to heal itself.

Over-the-Counter Medications For Spinal Injury Pain Relief

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, most patients will be prescribed a medication that helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the affected areas. Common medications include over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, which can reduce some swelling and take the edge off of your pain. Your auto accident doctor may also prescribe narcotic pain relievers or muscle relaxers to increase your comfort.

Steroids Corticosteroids: A Powerful Tool For Pain Relief After Spinal Injury

Corticosteroids may be taken orally or injected directly into the affected area to rapidly reduce inflammation. Although corticosteroids don’t directly reduce pain, they can help reduce the causes of pain and are frequently prescribed alongside other medications.

When To Use a Spinal Brace For Spinal Injury Recovery

When your spine is weakened or injured by a car accident, a brace may be recommended to reduce the weight and burden on the area while it heals. A brace can be beneficial to your spine as well as to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

What To Expect During Physical Therapy For Spinal Injury Recovery

Specially designed exercise routines and physical therapy exercises from a specialist can facilitate healing, strengthen the muscles around the injured area, reduce pain, and prevent overworking of the injured area so that it heals better. Physical therapy can also increase the range of motion and physical function. Depending on what type of injury you’re suffering, you may or may not benefit from extensive physical therapy.

Recovering From Herniated Disc Surgery After a Car Accident

In the sudden force of a car accident, the gel-like disc between your vertebrae can become dislocated, causing intense pain along with tingling, numbness, balance issues, and other symptoms. Surgery that repairs or removes herniated discs can be extremely helpful for relieving pain.

Disc Arthroplasty: A Less Invasive Alternative To Spinal Fusion For Herniated Discs

This alternative to spinal fusion may be another option if you have a herniated disc. In this surgery, your car accident doctor will insert a prosthetic disc in place to help provide a full range of motion and pain relief.

Spinal Fusion Surgery To Stabilize The Spine After a Severe Injury

If your spine’s stability is compromised by a severe injury, a spinal fusion may be recommended. Your surgeon will bind two vertebrae together to create a solid column using rods, plates, or screws.

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty: A Minimally Invasive Surgery For Spinal Fractures

When your pain is caused by a fracture in your spine, this surgery may be recommended to stabilize the fracture and prevent movement while your body heals.
The good news for car accident victims suffering from spinal injuries is that there are many treatment options. Your car crash doctor can help you find the care and treatment you need to get back to full life after your car accident.

Get Help Navigating Medical Care After Your Car Accident In Arizona

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if you are suffering from complex and painful injuries. That’s where AZ Crash Doctors can help! We are a network of medical, insurance, and legal professionals who are here to help you find the care you need as you begin your recovery after a car accident. We will help you find specialized care from our certified medical professionals at no out-of-pocket cost to you. To learn more about how we can help or to get emergency care, contact us!


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