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Top-Rated Doctors for Neck & Back Injury Treatment after an Auto Accident in Tempe

Tempe Emergency Chiropractic & Medical Care For Car Accidents

The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. If you are suffering from painful injuries or shock, working with insurance companies and determining the best treatment options can be extremely difficult. You may be wondering how you will pay for your medical bills or struggling to find a healthcare provider who can help with your pain. AZ Crash Doctors is a network of certified doctors, chiropractors, legal experts, and insurance professionals who are ready to help you find the Tempe auto accident medical care you need to move forward after a car accident. Give us a call today. We can help!

24/7 Urgent Medical Care For Car Accident Injuries And Trauma​

24/7 Urgent Medical Care for Car Accident Injuries & Trauma

We are on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you find the emergency medical care you need after a car accident in Tempe. Our friendly team is ready to help you find the Tempe emergency car accident chiropractors and physicians you need to begin your recovery after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. With convenient locations around the Valley area, AZ Crash Doctors is ready to serve you!

Skilled Car Crash Chiropractors And Doctors Near You​

Leading Car Crash Chiropractors & Doctors Near You

After a car accident, you want the best care that will help you recover as quickly as possible. That’s why AZ Crash Doctors works with only the top rated Tempe car accident chiropractors and medical professionals who understand car accident injuries. When you work with us, you’ll get the best medical care available from trusted medical professionals who have experience with auto accident trauma – at no cost to you.

Accident Injury Treatment With No Out-Of-Pocket Costs​

Accident Injury Treatment with No Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Our team of insurance specialists will work with you to find certified Tempe auto accident doctors, chiropractors, and medical professionals who are covered by your insurance so that you can obtain the very best medical care without any out of pocket costs. Let us help you begin the road to recovery free of financial concerns! Call AZ Crash Doctors now to get started.

Car Accident Specialists Treating Whiplash And Other Conditions​

Car Accident Experts Treating Whiplash & Other Conditions

We maintain a network of certified Tempe auto accident medical care providers who specialize in treating whiplash, fractures, back and neck pain, soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other common injuries after car accidents. Our doctors will use their knowledge and experience to diagnose your injuries and help you begin the recovery process.

Qualified Chiropractors For Car Crash And Collision Injuries​

Qualified Chiropractors for Car Crash & Collision Injuries

In the days and weeks after a car accident, most victims will benefit from experienced chiropractic care. Our Tempe emergency car accident chiropractors are often able to see patients in less than 24 hours from the time of the collision to provide care that can reduce the severity of pain and promote the healing of injuries sustained in the accident.

We Accept Most Accident Injury Insurance Plans​

We Accept Most Accident Injury Insurance Plans

At AZ Crash Doctors, our goal is to provide quality care to victims of auto accidents in Tempe, which means that we accept most accident injury insurance plans so that you can receive the car accident injury care that you need at no out of pocket cost. Our professionals will work closely with your legal team and insurance representatives to make your care affordable.

Trusted Physicians Specializing in Different Types of Car Crash Injuries

Neck Injuries and Whiplash​

Neck Injuries & Whiplash

Whiplash is a very common injury after car accidents that results from a sudden stop or collision. It may cause neck pain, dizziness, reduced range of motion, headaches, tenderness in the shoulders and arms, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Our Tempe auto accident doctors can provide treatment to minimize your pain and promote recovery.
Back and Spinal Cord Injuries​

Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

After severe accidents, victims may suffer from spinal cord injuries or back pain. Without adequate treatment, back pain from a car accident can become chronic and life-altering. Our Tempe auto accident chiropractors and medical professionals will help you find the care you need that will be covered by your insurance.
Fractures and Broken Bones​

Fractures & Broken Bones

Broken ribs, arms, and legs are common after car accidents, and can severely limit daily activities for weeks or months while they heal. The team at AZ Crash Doctors will help you find a certified Tempe auto accident doctor who is experienced with car accident injuries to get you on the road to recovery right away.

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5-Star Rated Car Accident Injury Doctors In Tempe

I’ve been in 2 car accidents and my whole body was in pain. After my first week, I was practically fixed! They showed me how scary my posture was and I knew how much I needed them. Already I feel like my posture is 10x better! Everyone here is so friendly and understandable on my busy work schedule. They never mind me calling to let em know I’m running a little late or needing to reschedule. If that’s not enough, they are REAL DOCTORS! Not some guy who pretends to know what they are talking about from a google certificate. 10/10 would recommend. At only 18, I shouldn’t have felt like I was 50, but now I feel like my own age again.

Lexys Brown ★★★★★

Lexys Brown, patient testimonial

Great people and great place! Genuinely care about each patient. Helped me after my car accident get back to where I was. Have already recommended them to family and friends and will continue doing so. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Tyler & Keerstyn Close ★★★★★

Each worker is kind, helpful, and professional. They have been very attentive to my needs and treatment since I was in an auto accident two months ago. I would recommend them to anyone with any chiropractic needs.

Kylee Patterson ★★★★★

Comprehensive Medical & Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

Professional Car Crash Injury Treatment in Tempe, AZ

Pain Management For Auto Accident Injuries ​

Pain Management for Auto Accident Injuries

Injuries from car accidents can be intensely painful. For some, this pain can last for months and severely limit their ability to work, spend time with their family, or enjoy hobbies. One of the best ways to minimize pain after a car accident is to work with a certified Tempe emergency car accident chiropractor, who can help you get the care and treatment you need as you recover from your collision.

Post-Accident Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Services​

Post-Accident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Once your injuries have begun their initial healing, your doctor may recommend physical therapy and rehab to speed healing, increase range of motion, and promote a better outcome. The Tempe auto accident legal services and insurance experts are ready to help you find the care you need at an affordable price.

Scar Revision, Surgery, PTSD Treatment And More​

Scar Revision, Surgery, PTSD Treatment & More

Car accident injuries can be complex and may require complex treatment for an optimal outcome. If you need surgery, assistance with pain relief, treatment for PTSD, or other medical care after your Tempe car accident, call AZ Crash Doctors. Our friendly representatives are standing by 7 days a week to help you find the medical services you need.

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FAQ About Car Accidents Injuries

Even if you feel fine after a car accident, it’s always recommended to see a medical professional as soon as possible. The rush of adrenaline from a car accident can block pain receptors, which means some injuries may not be immediately apparent. Receiving a full examination, diagnosis, and initial treatment is crucial for your long term recovery. Additionally, if you need to file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit regarding your injuries, you’ll need to provide medical records that demonstrate the severity of your injuries from the collision.
AZ Crash Doctors recommends accepting transportation to the closest emergency room if you sustained any obvious injuries in your car accident. If your injuries are not severe or you are not sure you had any injuries, see a doctor as soon as possible at urgent care or your clinic. Your medical records from after the crash provide important evidence regarding your injuries; seeing a doctor right away demonstrates that you took the situation seriously and believed yourself to be injured.
Whiplash is one of the most commonly sustained injuries. Fractures, soft tissue injuries, back and neck pain, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, internal bruising or bleeding, burns, scrapes, cuts, and road rash are also common injuries. Our Tempe car accident doctors have extensive experience treating all common car crash injuries you may have sustained.
We believe that all car accident victims deserve the highest quality medical care after a car accident. Not only does Tempe emergency car accident chiropractic care improve your ability to recover, but it may also reduce pain and help with the proper diagnosis of your injuries. Our insurance experts will help you find a chiropractor who is covered under your insurance so you can seek affordable care with no out of pocket cost.
Whiplash is a painful neck injury that occurs when a person’s neck “whips” forward and backwards quickly, usually as a result of a sudden stop or collision. This injury is unfortunately very common among car accident victims. Recovery can take weeks or months, and victims may suffer from headaches, shoulder and arm pain, limited range of motion, dizziness, confusion, and other symptoms. Chiropractor care from a Tempe car accident chiropractor, heat, and over the counter pain medications are the most common treatment. Severe cases may require prescription medications and physical therapy to promote a full recovery.
Many car accident victims are overwhelmed with the potential cost of their medical care and may wonder how they are supposed to provide for their family and cover their treatment while their injuries leave them unable to work. This is where AZ Crash Doctors can help! Our Tempe auto accident legal services team will work with your insurance company to help you find a certified car accident chiropractor who accepts your insurance so you can get the chiropractor care you need without any out of pocket costs.
Generally speaking, the sooner you can visit a Tempe car accident chiropractor, the better. Our friendly representatives are available 7 days a week to guide you through the process of finding certified chiropractic care after your car accident in Tempe. In most cases, we can help you get an emergency chiropractic appointment in as little as 24 hours. Reach out to our team to get started!

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Tempe



Many accidents with drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists in Tempe are the result of speeding, whether it’s on the highway or simply going too quickly through a residential neighborhood. Regardless of the exact circumstances, speeding causes many accidents that can lead to minor or more serious injuries, including whiplash, soft tissue injuries, fractures, back and hip injuries, and much more.

Drunk Driving​

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Arizona and taken seriously by state authorities. Unfortunately, negligence from drunk drivers causes many serious accidents that can even be fatal. The at-fault driver may face criminal prosecution in addition to civil consequences for their actions. If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, reach out to AZ Crash Doctors for assistance.
Driver Fatigue​

Driver Fatigue

Research shows that driving while fatigued is equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit, meaning that driver fatigue is a serious risk to others on the road. The risks of driver fatigue include impaired cognitive and driver performance that lead to a significantly increased risk of car collisions and accidents in Tempe.

Distracted Driving​

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a very common cause of car accidents, especially among younger drivers. Common distractions include texting while driving, making a phone call without a hands-free device, adjusting the radio, using the dashboard screen or steering wheel controls, conversations with other passengers, children or pets in the vehicle, roadside signs, and leaning to search for something while driving.

Auto Accident Statistics & Emergency Response Times for Tempe, Arizona.

Tempe Fatal Car Crash Statistics 2019

13 – Number of fatal accidents 22 – Number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents 3 – Number of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers 14 – Number of fatalities from car accidents 28 – Number people involved in fatal accidents 3 – Number of pedestrians involved in fatal accidents

Tempe Average EMS Response Times 2019

Tempe – 8.2 minutes (based on 625 reports) Maricopa County – 9.2 minutes (based on 9,314 reports) Arizona – 12.9 minutes (based on 23,681 reports)

Tempe Average Hospital Transport Time 2019

Tempe – 26.2 minutes (based on 142 reports) Maricopa County – 36.7 minutes (based on 2,361 reports) Arizona – 52.7 minutes (based on 4,604 reports)

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Crash Doctors is available 7 days a week. Submit the form below or call us at (480)-299-4655 to request a free consultation.

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Crash Doctors are available 7 days a week. Submit the form below or call us at (480)-299-4655 to speak to an AZ Crash Doctor now.