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Dr. Randy Brimhall

Dr. Randy Brimhall

AZ Crash Doctor Certified
Dr. Brimhall received his doctorate degree from a top medical and science university in Downers Grove, IL. While completing his doctoral studies at Midwestern University he found a love for outpatient physical therapy where he was able to bridge his love for sports and his fitness background with excellent manual therapy skills in dry needling, spinal manipulation, as well as a specialty in vestibular rehab. He has spent his career working with auto accident injuries and in sports rehab working part time with the Milwaukee Brewers and in Outpatient Orthopedic Care.

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Did you know....

Auto Accident Statistics & Emergency Response Times for San Tan Valley, Arizona.

San Tan Valley Fatal Car Crash Statistics 2019

  • 2 - Number of fatal accidents
  • 2 - Number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents
  • 0 - Number of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • 4 - Number of fatalities from car accidents
  • 5 - Number people involved in fatal accidents
  • 1 - Number of pedestrians involved in fatal accidents

San Tan Valley Average EMS Response Times 2019

  • San Tan Valley - 8.4 minutes (based on 24 reports)
  • Pinal County - 14.3 minutes (based on 1,818 reports)
  • Arizona - 12.9 minutes (based on 23,681 reports)

San Tan Valley Average Hospital Transport Time 2019

  • San Tan Valley - 45.5 minutes (based on 12 reports)
  • Pinal County - 78.1 minutes (based on 175 reports)
  • Arizona - 52.7minutes (based on 4,604 reports)

San Tan Valley, Arizona - The 11th Largest City in Arizona

welcome to San Tan Valley Arizona sign

San Tan Valley is a city located in Arizona. Located south of Phoenix, San Tan Valley has a 2020 population of 96,692 and continues to grow with the rapid expansion that’s occurring throughout this region. With its lowest census recorded at 81,321 back in 2010 and reaching an all-time high at just under 100k people last year (2019), it truly does seem like we’re living on top of one another here!

The average household in San Tan Valley makes $77,042. The median rental cost is around $1,356 per month with the median home value at about 212K (about 30% of homes are worth more than 400k). 33 and a half years old was the median age for males while females were 34 and a half years old on average.