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Dr. Hemant Pandey with AZ Crash Doctors

Dr. Hemant K. Pandey

AZ Crash Doctor Certified
Dr. Hemant K. Pandey is a board certified neurologist, sleep medicine specialist and clinical neurophysiologist with expertise in auto accident head injuries and brain trauma.
Dr. Joshua Levy, DO with AZ Crash Doctors

Dr. Joshua Levy, DO

AZ Crash Doctor Certified
Dr. Joshua Levy is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and by the American Osteopathic Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.
Dr. David Stone MD with AZ Crash Doctors

Dr. David Stone, MD

AZ Crash Doctor Certified
Dr. Stone is a Board-Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician specializing in Sports Medicine, Interventional Spine/Pain Procedures, Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetics/Anti-Aging and General Pain Management.

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Did you know....

Auto Accident Statistics & Emergency Response Times for Chandler, Arizona.

Chandler Fatal Car Crash Statistics 2019

  • 18 - Number of fatal accidents
  • 27 - Number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents
  • 2 - Number of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • 19 - Number of fatalities from car accidents
  • 40 - Number people involved in fatal accidents
  • 7 - Number of pedestrians involved in fatal accidents

Chandler Average EMS Response Times 2019

  • Chandler - 8.2 minutes (based on 326 reports)
  • Maricopa County - 9.2 minutes (based on 9,314 reports)
  • Arizona - 12.9 minutes (based on 23,681 reports)

Chandler Average Hospital Transport Time 2019

  • Chandler - 30.4 minutes (based on 122 reports)
  • Maricopa County - 36.7 minutes (based on 2,361 reports)
  • Arizona - 52.7 minutes (based on 4,604 reports)

Chandler, Arizona - The 4th Largest City in Arizona

Welcome to Chandler sign

Chandler, Arizona is the 4th largest city in Arizona after Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa. Chandler has a 2020 population of 269,123 people; it’s 13.98% more than 236,123 recorded in 2010 census. In 2021 Chandler reached its highest ever number for residents with 269, 123 who can live over 65 miles outside of downtown (4133 per square mile).

The city of Chandler has seen a surge in population since the 1990s. The population grew from under 30,000 to nearly 90,000 between 1980 and 1990 but it continues to grow at an impressive rate even today with current estimates showing that there is up 5% growth since 2010. That shows how fast this area is growing despite some recent slowing down as evidenced by previous years’ numbers.