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Experienced auto accident injury doctors in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Expert Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Paradise Valley, AZ

Dr. Norvan Varte, DO

Dr. Norvan Vartevan, DO

AZ Crash Doctor Certified
Dr. Vartevan graduated with his medical degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bradenton, FL and completed residency training at Nova Southeastern University in Miami, FL. He is board certified in Anesthesiology as well as procedural pain medicine. Dr. Vartevan has a passion for auto accident injury treatment and pain management and believes that patients should be given a chance to delay major surgery with less invasive means.

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Did you know....

Auto Accident Statistics & Emergency Response Times for Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Paradise Valley Fatal Car Crash Statistics 2019

  • 1 - Number of fatal accidents
  • 1 - Number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents
  • 0 - Number of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • 1 - Number of fatalities from car accidents
  • 2 - Number people involved in fatal accidents
  • 0 - Number of pedestrians involved in fatal accidents

Paradise Valley Average EMS Response Times 2019

  • Paradise Valley - 7.8 minutes (based on 36 reports)
  • Maricopa County - 9.5 minutes (based on 9,314 reports)
  • Arizona - 12.9 minutes (based on 23,681 reports)

Paradise Valley Average Hospital Transport Time 2019

  • Paradise Valley - 30.0 minutes (based on 9 reports)
  • Maricopa County - 36.7 minutes (based on 2,361 reports)
  • Arizona - 52.7 minutes (based on 4,604 reports)

Paradise Valley, Arizona - The 38th Largest City in Arizona

welcome to Paradise Valley Arizona sign

Paradise Valley is a small town in Arizona that has been rapidly growing over the past few years. With 2020 being its highest population of 15,003 people and 17 percent growth since 2010’s census number of 12,820 people, Paradise Valley continues to be flourishing. The median age for residents in this city is 33 with 85% saying they felt their quality life was better than any other place on Earth!

The average household income in Paradise Valley is $349,569 with a poverty rate of 3.59%. The median rental costs come to at about $2,500 per month and the median house value comes to around 1 million dollars! Median age for males is 53.7 years while females are only 54-years old – which might be one reason that more males than female live there?

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Crash Doctors is available 7 days a week. Submit the form below or call us at (480)-299-4655 to request a free consultation.