Do You Have Delayed Injury Symptoms? 7 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore after a Car Accident

The Importance Of Seeking Medical Care After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents happen in Arizona every single day, and many of these accidents result in significant injuries. Some accidents are fatal. However, the majority of car accidents are “fender benders” that cause damage to vehicles but no immediately apparent injuries to the people who were involved. This is because the human body produces adrenaline during traumatic situations, which can prevent people from noticing injuries or feeling pain until much later.

However, just because you feel fine right after your car accident doesn’t mean that you weren’t injured. Many people don’t notice their injuries or feel any pain until hours, days, or even weeks after their collision. That’s one reason why it’s important to seek Gilbert auto accident medical care right away after an accident and to stay aware of any new symptoms you might be experiencing. Here are 7 symptoms of delayed injury to be aware of after your car accident:

Medical Care After a Car Accident

New Headaches

One of the most common symptoms that people experience after a car accident is a headache. Often, headaches will go away on their own in time, but in some cases, a headache can be the first sign of a more severe injury, such as a concussion, blood clots in the brain, or other severe neck and head injuries. If you develop a headache after your car accident, see a doctor right away to check for traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, a concussion, and other common head injuries. Some of these can be life-threatening and a headache may be your first symptom.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Experiencing new pain in your neck and shoulders is a symptom of whiplash, one of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. Although you may feel this pain immediately after the incident, sometimes it can take days or weeks for the symptoms to fully set in. If you experience any pain or stiffness in your head, neck, or shoulders after a car accident, see a medical doctor and a Mesa emergency car accident chiropractor right away. You may need imaging, such as an MRI, to accurately diagnose your injuries.

Back Pain

Back pain after a car accident might be an indication of a herniated disc, a soft tissue injury, whiplash, or a spinal injury. Tingling and numbness could be caused by a pinched nerve. Since all of these conditions are uncomfortable and can cause pain and/or mobility challenges, see a Gilbert car crash doctor and a chiropractor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

Numbness Or Tingling Sensations

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after a car accident, but it doesn’t always cause shoulder and neck pain. In many cases, the only symptom of whiplash is numbness. Tingling sensations could also be the result of injury to the spinal cord or spine. Whiplash can cause significant pain, discomfort, and ongoing injury if left untreated.

Abdominal Pain

Internal bleeding happens occasionally after car accidents and can be difficult to diagnose without imaging. If you experience any abdominal pain, bruising, dizziness, or fainting, seek care at an emergency room right away. Internal bleeding can be life-threatening and requires immediate treatment.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a mental disorder that results from experiencing a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, violent crime, or car accidents. PTSD can begin subtly and become worse as time goes on, affecting your quality of life, ability to function, and difficulty sleeping. Don’t hesitate to seek professional medical care if you experience any symptoms of PTSD after a car accident.

Behavioral Changes

Sudden changes in your personality or behavior after your car accident could indicate a brain injury, such as a concussion. You may also experience difficulty thinking, poor memory, difficult seeing or hearing, and depression or anxiety as a result of a brain injury. If you experience any of these challenges, it’s important to Phoenix car crash doctor and treatment so you can improve your chances of a full recovery and start feeling better.

Don’t Ignore Delayed Injury Symptoms

Even if you walked away from a car accident feeling totally fine, you may not be out of the woods yet. Many common injuries are undetected for hours, days, or even weeks after a collision. After your car accident, visit an emergency room for medical care, watch for these common symptoms, and keep in touch with your Tempe auto accident medical care provider.

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