Common Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Doctors After a Car Accident

9 Mistakes You Should Never Make After an Auto Accident

There are several mistakes a person might make after an auto accident, including delaying seeking medical consultation. Some of these can lead to unnecessary delays or even prevent recovery altogether.

You should always seek Avondale auto accident medical care immediately after experiencing a car accident. Although these incidents may seem minor at first glance, they can cause serious damage to your body and health. Not to mention the other damages they can cause to your pocket.

It’s better to be prepared for these situations, so keep reading below to find out the most common mistakes people make when dealing with doctors after car accidents.

Back Pain After A Car Accident

Not Seeking Medical Treatment

This is the most common mistake personal injury patients make after car accidents. Injured parties must seek medical care to receive proper representation or compensation. If you don’t seek medical treatment, you won’t have any injury claim.

You must prove that your injury, no matter how minor it is, came from an auto accident. If you wait more than two weeks to seek medical care after the accident, nobody will believe the injuries came from that accident. 

Ignoring Minor Pain

Never ignore minor pain or stiffness. What seems like a minor injury could turn into something more serious over time. In many cases, chronic pain can persist weeks after the accident has occurred.

Seek medical treatment as soon as possible after car accidents. 

Avoiding Medical Bills

Many people don’t seek Tempe auto accident medical care because they are worried about the medical bills. 

However, treatment is normally available through an attorney’s lien or by other means, so avoiding medical treatment is no excuse.

Self Treatment

Some people prefer to avoid a doctor after a car accident because they think they can do the treatment themselves. But that’s not a smart idea at all! Telling the insurance company you got injured but didn’t seek medical care is not going to produce good results. 

The medical adjuster won’t take your word because you need something to back it up. That something is usually medical documentation from an authorized doctor. 

Missing Appointments

Some patients miss appointments with bad excuses. This situation hurts your credibility a lot! Especially when the insurance company checks your medical records and sees the missed appointments. 

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you should not miss the appointments. The injuries won’t look severe to the adjuster if you miss your medical appointments. Besides, it helps you recover faster.

You shouldn’t be late for your appointments either because the doctor may have other patients in line. Call the doctor if you cannot make your appointment.

Stopping Medical Treatment

Some patients stop going to see a Scottsdale car crash doctor just because they have gotten better. However, they should only stop treatment once the doctor tells them to do so. 

If you stop your medical treatment before being released, you will probably suffer the following consequences:

  • An incomplete healing
  • Your attorney won’t have the same chances of getting you a settlement that works with your injury
  • Your injury may get worse after treatment. If you go back after having stopped the treatment, the doctor may not want to treat you again.
  • Although unlikely, you may be responsible for some medical expenses. 

Lying About Previous Injuries & Chronic Issues

Every personal injury doctor’s office has a section for previous injuries, surgeries, medications, treatments, etc. You must tell your doctor everything they ask for and be completely honest about the information. Do not lie to your doctor! 

Making Injuries Appear Worse Than They Are

Many people roll on the ground acting like they are dying but they only have a scratch. You should never make your pain level a 10 if it’s only a 3. Some injuries are more painful, such as broken bones, concussions, and bulging disks, but others are not so severe.

Never lie about your pain level, especially when visiting the Phoenix car crash doctor. It will only make things worse, and in some cases, it can lead to overmedication. 

Seeing The Wrong Doctor

Many car injury victims see a family doctor or PCP after a car accident. These victims normally get discouraged because the doctors say they don’t treat personal injury or car accidents. 

They may see you, but they won’t give you the medical documentation you need to prove your injury came from a car accident. Therefore, you must see the right doctor after a car accident. 

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